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Quamtrax Whey Protein

Quamtrax Whey Protein


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The new Whey Protein Direct from Quamtrax® is a 100% formula composed of SureProtein ™ Instant Whey Protein Concentrate 450 from Fonterra. This raw material is spray dried and made from the best milk whey using an ultrafiltration process. Its processing at low temperature guarantees the retention of the nutritional and functional properties, maintaining a high percentage of Branched Amino Acids (BCAA). This favors the recovery and performance of the athlete because they are direct stimulators of protein synthesis.

All this combined with an incomparable solution and flavor, make this product the perfect protein to drink at any time of the day.

Whey Protein Direct is totally free of aspartame sweetened with Sucralose, which is a sweetener without calories that assures us an excellent flavor.

Protein raw material: SureProtein ™ Instant Whey Protein Concentrate 450 from Fonterra.

  • 100% whey protein concentrate.
  • Rapid absorption.
  • High levels of BCAA to promote muscle growth.
  • New range of incredible flavors without added sugar.
  • Now in new format of 500 grams.


Dissolve 1 service in 250-300 ml of water. Make 2 daily doses: one preferably with breakfast or between meals and the other after training.

Daily Dose: 2 services.

Storage: Store in a cool dry place.


Biscuit Custard Cream, Chocolate, Cookies, Neutral, Strawberry, Vanilla/Cinnamon, White Chocolate

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