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5 Friuts that are essential to use on your weight loss journey

Why add fruits to your diet.

Health experts fully agree that fruits are healthy for your body.
Many studies show that people who eat fruits and vegetables are healthier than people who don’t eat them. Most fruits have properties that make them great for your healthy diet. Most Fruits are sweet but unlike processed sweets and sugar they have nutrients that are healthy for your body. Many health departments recommend including fruits and vegetables in your diet. Following are some great fruits choices for your body.

Fruits that are essential to use on your weight loss journey.

Apples for sweetness:

Apples are sweet in flavor high in fiber and low in calories. Like many fruits, they are great for losing weight and a healthy diet. Fiber is great for losing weight it makes you feel satisfied longer when you eat and prevents your body to absorb fat. Since apples are high in fiber they are good for losing weight. You can add apples to a lot of meals. You can simply eat the apple as is, you can add apple slices in a salad, or adding them in oatmeal is a natural sweetener. Apples also have other health benefits like they may reduce cholesterol, may prevent heart disease, and may prevent obesity.


All citrus fruits are low in calories oranges are no exception to this rule. Oranges are high in fiber and vitamin C. They are very filling. Eating the food is better because studies have found that it is more filling and you take fewer calories rather than if you drink a juice of it. So if you are trying to lose weight you should eat oranges. You can eat them in a salad or add them to desserts. Oranges offer several health benefits like boosting the immune system, helping your body make collagen, and finally helping your body with iron absorption.


Bananas are avoided by people who want to lose weight because they are high in sugar and calories compared to other foods. But bananas also have more nutrients supplying your body with fiber, magnesium, manganese, potassium, numerous antioxidants, and vitamins A, B, and C.
They help control insulin levels mostly for people who have diabetes. Bananas are important in a weight loss plan since they are high in nutrients and most of their carbs come in the form of fiber.
Bananas can be added to a lot of dishes or be eaten as is.


Mangoes are sweet, high in fiber, are low in calories, and have a lot of nutrients. Mangoes have many nutrients like fiber, potassium, vitamins A, B, C, E, K, and magnesium. Like many fruits, mangoes are low in calories and are good for a weight loss diet but the same can’t be said for dried mangoes they are high in calories. Still, dried mangoes are also high in nutrients but should not be consumed a lot due to their high calories and sugar count. Mangoes are a great choice for a weight loss diet since they are low in calories and make you feel full. You can enjoy the mango as is.


Melons are high in water content and are low in calories which makes them great for a weight loss diet. Melons also contain fiber, potassium, and vitamin C. Since Melons are high in water content they may help you to lose weight. Melons can be eaten raw. You can also add them to fruit salad, or freeze them into a popsicle. Since they are high in water content they will keep you hydrated. These are some reasons melons are great for a weight loss diet.

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