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120 cap

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Be Unstoppable
Lean Muscle Builder
Promotes Lean Body Mass
Dietary Supplement
Forge an unyielding spirit that guards your inner strength – so you can rise above and emerge stronger with each battle fought.

Shield – Verb: Protect from damage, harm, or injury.

HMB 1000 is a powerful tool for athletes and bodybuilders – as HMB has shown to help reduce muscle breakdown and promote lean muscle gains. By protecting muscles during training, supporting tissue repair, and combating overtraining – HMB 1000 is ideal for anyone looking to increase size and strength – especially those who train hard multiple times a week.

Build It Up

HMB has been shown to enhance muscle protein synthesis – the process by which new muscle proteins are created.
By helping prevent overtraining and reducing muscle damage during training – HMB allows for more frequent and productive training sessions.
HMB acts as an anti-catabolic agent – protecting muscles from excessive damage during training and reducing muscle breakdown.

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